My name is Sal Farinella.  I am a senior business analyst, the point man for a turn around team having been involved in over 970 turnarounds and the founder of Millennium Management Group International LLC or MMGI for short.

We are an association of the best business consultants in the country. We are an association, not a company.  We don’t have payroll to make or overhead that pressures us to get business in the door.  Most companies have a phone room generating leads, Sales people throughout the country, analysts and corporate staff.  All these people have to be paid before a consultant turns dollar 1.  That’s a lot of pressure to sell.  And they sell their ass off (excuse the language).

Each of us Analysts and Consultants are the very top in our fields,  who worked for the top international companies.  We loved what we did but were not satisfied by the corporate games.  When employed by these companies, because we truly cared about our clients, we spent most of our energy protecting our clients from our company’s predatory practices.  We went out on our own, the best of the best.

We are selective about the clients we accept.  We are an association of excellence looking for companies that also desire excellence.  The enemy of great is good.  If you are a good company and satisfied then we are not a good match.  If you want to be the very best, being profitable and satisfying to your customers and your employees,  We can help.  Without the games.

We will exceed your expectations at every level or the service is free.  Period.

First we do an affordable on location thorough business analysis with no agenda to move forward.

Lost leader consultants that charge $300 for a 2 day analysis is nothing more than a two day sales pitch.  Your $300 fee did not even cover the air fare one way,  NO WONDER IT IS A PRESURE SALE.

If you see value and merit and want to move forward with remedy, We don’t have to start the next day.  We start when it’s best for you not us.

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